OTC, although perhaps not as recognizable as some other brands, is a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial robotics, providing innovative and technologically advanced solutions to the global industry. OTC industrial robots are a combination of precision, power and reliability that have defined industry standards for years.

The key to the perfection of OTC robots is their precision. Each robot of this brand is designed to operate with impressive accuracy, fulfilling even the most complex production tasks. From complex assembly operations to advanced welding processes, OTC robots guarantee quality you can trust.

Choosing OTC industrial robots is a decision to invest in advanced technology that will bring specific benefits to your company. Reliability, efficiency and innovation are the three words that best describe the OTC brand offer. Discover the world of industrial robotics at the highest level with OTC.

200 000,00 zł + 23% VAT
Cell with welding robot TIG OTC NH52-NEFC