Great Sales Success! - KUKA Robots

Great Sales Success! - KUKA Robots

The new line of KUKA robots brings a revolution to the automation industry. The interest extends far beyond the country's borders, indicating a global demand for advanced production solutions. Our company, with its wealth of experience and long-term strategy, aims to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


In our last article, we introduced our new range of 11 advanced KUKA robots. KUKA robots are a global leader in industrial robotics, and their reputation is built on over sixty years of experience. They exemplify innovation and efficiency in industrial automation. With their payload capacity, precision, and reliability, they are perfect tools for use in Industry 4.0, where modern industrial solutions are required..

Huge Interest in KUKA Robots - International Clients

The introduction of the new assortment, comprising 11 advanced KUKA robots, proved to be a spectacular success. Since the announcement of the sale, we have received a considerable number of inquiries from both domestic and international clients.s.

After many discussions and negotiations, we are proud to announce that all available robots have been sold out within just a few weeks of their release. Many clients, even from very distant parts of the world, specifically visited our company, emphasizing the global interest in KUKA robots and their reputation on the international stage. One example of this interest was our recent order for 8 KR280/R3080 robots, which were delivered to a client in Serbia.

Below are photos illustrating the process of loading robots.

Customers' attention to the KR280/R3080 robots was drawn by their impressive technical specifications. These powerful machines, manufactured in 2021, represent the pinnacle of engineering and innovation in the field of industrial robotics. Their reach, payload, and precision make them an ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize their production

The key parameters of the KUKA KR280/R3080 are as follows: 

  • Year of production: 2021
  • Condition: Used
  • Maximum reach: 3076 mm
  • Rated payload: 280 kg
  • Maximum load: 356 kg
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Control system: KR C4
  • Equipped with a pilot with serial number: 3089845

Sales in Poland

The remaining models, KR210/R2700 and KR360/R2830/FLR, enjoyed significant interest in Poland.

KR360/R2830/FLR  Versatility and Flexibility.
This versatile robot offers a unique combination of high performance, flexibility, and reliability. With a maximum reach of 2826 mm and a rated payload of 360 kg, the KR360/R2830/FLR is an ideal solution for companies seeking a solution that can handle both light and heavy materials with equal ease.

KUKA KR210/R2700: Performance and Precision
This model stands out for its excellent performance and precision. Designed for various applications, the KR210/R2700 offers a maximum reach of 2700 mm and a rated payload of 210 kg. It is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a versatile tool for automating production processes.


The introduction of various models of KUKA robots has brought significant benefits to our customers. Both the KR210/R2700 and the KR360/R2830/FLR offer unique features and parameters that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of various industries and sectors. Their sales mark only the beginning of our long-term strategy to provide the most advanced automation solutions for businesses. We anticipate that as technology advances and demand for innovative solutions grows, our offerings will continue to expand to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.

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